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Meditate for happiness, less stress and more mindful living. It's easier than you think!

Meditation is a practice of non doing - of just being. A state of just being is not one that most of us spend much time in, but allowing the mind to come to a rest in the quiet of the present moment, feels peaceful, de-cluttering and refreshing.

Relatively speaking I am what you might call a later starter to meditation! However calm breathing and meditation are now close friends I wouldn’t be without, and I often wonder why I didn’t start earlier!

There are many different ways to meditate – perhaps like me you have found this confusing. The secret is finding a technique that works for you, so it becomes an enjoyable and effortless practice that you will want to carry on. At my courses and workshops we explore different meditation approaches, so you can experiment, and most importantly want carry on your own self directed practice.

It isn’t difficult when you find your way. After about 6 weeks, just a 10 – 20 minute daily practice, brings incremental but noticeable benefits. Satisfaction guaranteed! :)

Ancient wisdom is beginning to yield its secrets to modern science. We are now able to understand more fully how and why meditation supports physical and mental and emotional health. The science is interesting and we cover some of this during the course sessions.

What can meditation do for me?

Physical relaxation

Calming changes in the nervous system move the body into rest and digest, reducing blood cortisol levels that result from built up stress, which we know can be a pre cursor to may health conditions. In relaxation response body chemistry normalizes and brings the body back into balance, back into its “healing room”, supporting immune function. Muscle relaxation techniques are a good warm up to meditation, as well as reducing and managing our perceptions of pain.

Mind food

Meditation is a way of caring for our mind. Being mindful trains us to “notice” our thoughts, (always with gentleness and kindness to self ), step aside from our thinking and uncouple from negative, worrisome thinking. Mindfulness supports resilience through difficult times and to flow with the good times. Thinking better feeling thoughts helps balance emotions and drives more positive behaviors that serve us well. Getting space around our thoughts brings clarity.

Brain food

Regular meditation creates positive changes in our brain, by way of neuro-plasticity, the brains ability to change itself. This accounts for the many benefits that linger long after the practice of actually sitting in meditation. The brain’s alarm bell centers calm down, allowing more information to be referred up to executive centers. The relaxed focus in meditation enhances concentration, clarity , memory, integrates the brain for more “whole brain” thinking, produces happy brain waves , happy hormones , anti- ageing hormones and more melatonin for better sleep.

Soul food

 On another level meditation is soul food, it helps with our head-heart balance, and provides a space to nurture our sense of spirit whatever we feel that to be.


Meditation is good for humans!

Meditation opens us up, awakens us to ourselves and when we improve the relationship we have with ourselves we improve the relationship we have with others. When we can look at things more objectively and step aside from ego, it opens up our potential for more conscious living, empathy and compassion. It is said one person meditating affects another, and like a ripple creates good energy that touches others in a positive way.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation Workshop

Courses and Workshops

Weight Management

Meditation for Weight Management

Meditation Made Easy - Class Options

My interest is in de-mystifying meditation, getting it out there, sharing my enthusing with others, and helping people get started with their own practice - which is where the magic happens! The courses do not subscribe to any particular religious or belief system, and are centered on mindfulness meditation concepts and human holistic development. You wont have to sustain any uncomfortable positions - its important to be totally comfortable.

I run a variety of different options - current courses with prices are posted below.

Course Content:
Courses have a relaxed feel, are informative and designed to help you get started with your own practice and make it stick. A class typically includes a 5 minute gentle stretch, calm breathing techniques, self relaxation warm ups, some theory, a lead into active meditation (a different style each week) finishing with guided meditation to deeply relax. Sessions blend theory with meditation and include a folder with supportive handouts, meditation journal, mp3 audios and references to other resources.

  • 4 week learn to meditate course
  • Half day workshops
  • Guided meditation sessions
  • Private tuition
  • Corporate Meditation - See separate page.

Connect with me on FaceBook for “live” information and please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss what options might suit you best.


Private Tuition

Hourly rate: $80

I  suggest a three session flow - $180

If you cannot make a course, you might want to book in a private session. 
These are individually tailored sessions. Zoe has training in human holistic development and can show you ways that can help you understand, reduce and manage stress in your life, blending self relaxation, hypnosis and meditation.

Client Feedback

I am continually inspired by client feedback – thank you :-)

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“Thank you for helping me rediscover my breath. Meditation is now part of my day. I look forward to it”.

I have really enjoyed all your sessions and you have definitely inspired me.

Slept really well, really enjoyed the class and looking forward to practicing later today x

Thanks very much Zoe most appreciated.
Also really enjoying the class – It’s so much easier to do when you are guiding us, perhaps I need a cd recording of your lovely soothing relaxing voice :)

I really enjoyed Saturday….. and I really think you need to create a Zoe’s ZZZ’s app……. I would buy it, much more likely to be able to meditate listening to you !

Thank you so much for your time yesterday, I felt so much better yesterday afternoon and did make it to the gym.

Zoe, I wish I could share with your future clients how a mega-sceptic like me could be converted to an everyday (with regular exception) meditation convert! You are a truly wonderful teacher and have a gentle yet forceful method of get through to ‘shut’ minds like mine! Thank you and I fully endorse you and your practice!

I learnt from Zoe last year the power of mediation and incorporating this tool into everyday as part of my self-care.

I've decided for the next 4 weeks to commit myself to something new. Tonight was my first of 4 sessions of an Introduction to Meditation course. A simple MINDFULNESS based meditation course, to learn how to switch that constantly DOING brain off...and just learn to BE....even just for 5 minutes every day. Well...I can say that after 1 body and mind feel less "rushed" & my mind incredibly clearer. Looking forward to the rest of this 4 week journey <3

Zoe makes meditation easy. If you want to learn how to meditate the easy way, it's time to attend this workshop. I have personally attended one of Zoe's workshops and her techniques have made it easier for me to integrate meditation into my daily routine. I fully recommend Zoe to anyone wanting to learn how.

Thank you for the recordings they are just what I need!

I listened to your relaxation MP3 and it is brilliant very relaxing loved how your broke the body up into zones.

It works I fell asleep. It was just like how we were taught to do relaxation at kings, love you mum

I have really enjoyed all your sessions and you have definitely inspired me.