Thanks to my clients for sharing their inspirational stories & gorgeous baby pics!

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Alex's Poem

Lying in sea still as glass,
I know no need for movement fast.
Just like cork or pumice stone,
I bob, content in currents known.
As muffled sounds I yet may hear,
Bass hums of whalesong in my ear,
And like a russian doll within,
Cocooned in fluid under skin.
My little white whale too may hear,
The hum of Father's voice so near.
Safe and sound in belly big,
Our whale calf waits for the next gig,
For when the waves of surges flow,
It's time the outside world to know.
How must it feel to one so new,
To join us in this noisy crew?

Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories
Cairns Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

Sarah's Birth Story - July 2015

Thank you so much for the guidance, knowledge and support that i received through the Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing class as well as Massage, chats and email.
My husband and I took so much away for the MM class and I extended this with recommended readings as well as including meditations and affirmations as part of my daily routine throughout my pregnancy.

The result of this was that when my waters broke in the middle of the night a month a early i did not for a second feel scared or worried, I was confident and excited about what lay ahead.

I was able to birth my baby without fear, without drugs and i was able to breathe through the sensations that were bringing my baby to me.

I feel blessed to have had a complication free birth and i am so grateful to you for your guidance which helped me keep my birth as natural as possible.

All of this culminated in a beautiful, chilled out bub who gave us a very gentle welcome into the world of parenthood.

I couldn't be happier with our outcome and i would recommend your support & services to any expecting mum. - Sarah

Liz's Birth Story - 15th May 2015

Just wanted to let you know that we welcomed a healthy little girl into the world on 15/5/15. Zara Rose, 3.93kg, 52cm.

She was a week late but well worth the wait.

I used the hypnobirthing CD each day up until labour started and played the instrumental music during delivery which helped me stay focused. Even the midwife commented that the music helped her focus and stay calm. We really appreciated the course and your support which got us through the birth.

Thanks again Liz

Quinn's Birth Story - 27th March 2015

Hi Zoe,

Our little girl Quinn was gently hypnobirthed into the waiting hands of Dad and Sue at Mareeba hospital on Friday 27th March at 4:28pm.

Weighing 4125g. I couldn't have asked for a better labour, 4 and a half hours total with about 10 mins of breathing her out. Caught Sue off guard (because I was so calm of course) and had to make a mad dash down to the delivery suite after having laboured so quietly in our room. Thankyou for your teachings.

Healthy baby, happy family, very proud parents and big brother.

Much love from Hannah, Glen, Griffin and Quinn x

Sarah's Birth Story - November 23rd 2014

Hi Zoe,

The night before Nelson was born I started having contractions which I thought were practice Braxton Hicks contractions. With no other signs of labor and my father in town visiting the next day we did a tour of the Tablelands. Once I got home that evening the contractions sped up rather quickly with the main part of labor only taking 4.5hrs. With 'the show' happening shortly after returning home and my waters breaking less than an hour before bub's birth.

Our beautiful healthy and happy son was born just after midnight Sunday 23rd November, at home naturally with just his father and I. Luckily the shower has a deep tub to finalise with a water birth, mind you next time a birthpool would be nice!:)

Relaxed, we did make our way to the hospital afterwards to make sure everything was ok as there was some blood and some tearing but luckily an intact perineum. Everything was fine. However I think that going to the hospital did interrupt my hormones in regards to the delivery of the placenta and after a few hours and a very delayed cord clamp I did get the syntocinon (which I would of liked to have avoided but was a little overwhelmed and felt my own oxytocin levels were effected by the hospital environment, the midwives and staff are wonderful tho!), to help me deliver the placenta and return back home sooner to relax and get to know bub.

It felt wonderful to walk out of the hospital a few hours later feeling well and clear headed and as a new family. The placenta we took home, encapsulated and did a tincture. I look forward to when homebirths are more acceptable so women can have easy access to homebirthing midwives. As I myself would of loved to have a midwife to avoid that final trip to the hospital and stay in my own relaxed environment.

I am so greatful I had a hypnobirth, as I understood what my body was doing during labor and didn't feel the need to go hospital. I found rocking on all fours on the bed whilst breathing through the contractions worked wonderfully for a comfortable labor, as well as thinking 'I am an animal, I am naturally made for this'. It was only the crowning part that was not so comfortable, but this didn't last long.

I found that with your hypnobirthing class, reading a hypnobirthing book and the Sarah Buckley book, a tiny bit of yoga and watching through youtube a site called "New Parenting Hangout" and there many interviews with Tammy Halliday, an Australian Doula, really helped me to prepare for the birth of my son in a natural and gentle way.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn hypnobirthing and for the lovely hand knitted teddy.

Best wishes,
Sarah :)

Mary's Birth Story - October 20th 2014

Hi Zoe,

My beautiful little boy was born on the 20th of October. It was a very fast labour - 5 1/2 hours from first niggles to final push. The hypnobirthing techniques were very helpful for the first couple of hours, but I'll have to admit - once I hit transition it all went out the window. It was so fast and overwhelming, but I was able to breathe through everything quite well.

I was ready to push in the car on the way to the hospital and he was born naturally about an hour after we arrived. In the end, I was really happy with how everything went. I felt an amazing sense of achievement having been able to do it myself this time. Thank you for your part in that!
His big sister absolutely adores him.

Jacqui's Birth Story - October 17th 2014

Hi Zoe, Lovely to hear from you :)

I was going to contact you actually but time has just flown by! We were induced at 10am on 17 October with prostaglandin gel and contractions started at 7pm that evening. We moved to the birthing suite at 7.45 where we had a lovely quiet environment of low lighting, our hypnobirthing cd and lavender aromatherapy oil. After a bit of gas, my waters broke at 8.45 and the urge to push began straight away. Just an hour later we welcomed a beautiful daughter Ava Rose Fitzsimmons at 9.46pm! Ava was exactly 8lb and 52cms long and is doing very well!

We would like to thank you for your assistance in helping us to prepare for a calm birth. We definitely found that attending your class and practicing the techniques learned made a difference in both our attitude toward and perception of labour, as well as the final outcome. One of the midwives also commented on what a beautiful environment the birth suite was during our labour. 
I was originally quite fearful of giving birth but was able to remain calm and trust in my baby and body to do exactly what was required of it. So thank you very much . Jason was so wonderful throughout the labour and I couldn't have done it without him and my mum's support.
Jacqui, Jason & Ava

Mindful Mamma Birth Class Testimonial - Emma, September 2014

My Husband (Rather reluctantly but always the supportive and agreeable one) and I attended Zoe's 1 Day mindful mamma class in September 2014. We chose to attend on the recommendation of others rather than on our own prior knowledge of what hypnobirthing was. After the day we both felt empowered, knowledgeable and calm (thanks to all the beautiful meditation practiced throughout the day) and ready to live out and apply techniques to assist with the birth of our first child.

We also attended the antenatal classes offered through the public hospital system post our hypnobirthing class. Whilst we continued to gain knowledge via these sessions, I was particularly surprised as to how much my husband seemed to have retained from the day with Zoe and was calmer and appeared more equipped than many of the other fathers/support persons in the sessions.
We now eagerly await the birth of our baby and thank Zoe for helping us recognize the power of the mind and the brilliance of the female body.

Julianna's Story - August 19th 2014

Hi Zoe,

All went well and we had a beautiful baby boy called Lon on 19 August.

I was ready to push in the car on the way to the hospital and he was born naturally about an hour after we arrived. In the end, I was really happy with how everything went. I felt an amazing sense of achievement having been able to do it myself this time. Thank you for your part in that!
His big sister absolutely adores him.

Cate's Story - June 27th 2014

Here I gave birth to beautiful baby girl Clara on the 27 of June, she was 2.97kg and 52 cm!

I want to say a BIG thank you, I had a great experience almost everything went according to my birth plan, at times don't give me wrong it was difficult but I had great midwifes by my side all the way and my partner was an amazing support!

Your CD was a big help to keep me focus and I did spend most of my labor in the shower or bath (I didn't expect the water to be so good as pain relief). So all together thank you so much, now you can be sure that there will be one more positive story out there about giving birth...Cate :)

Megan's Story - June 2014

Hi Zoe,

Are you back? I hope your holiday was great!!

WELL I ended up going into labour last Wednesday early morning (the 2nd) I woke up at 2 to my waters breaking and started contracting straight away (was 35+5) so went into the hospital and had to have an emergency c section at 4am due to bubs still being breech!! I was put under for it but was calm going in and sweeper was allowed to stay with me till I fell asleep, then within 10 minutes our son mason came into the world, but he had to go straight into the nursery as he was premmie and they keep them in there for the first 6 hours! So sweeper was in there with him until I woke up and he stayed with me, I met mason at 10am because my bed didn't fit into the room, but I was extremely dizzy anyways and not really with it at all... I recovered well though, stopped the hard drugs the same day at 8am and just had panadol and brufen, was up having showers in the arvo etc, the midwives were impressed, apparently people are usually a lot more out of it but it was a good experience, not horrible at all.

And mason, well he is perfect!!! He is completely healthy for a premmie and we got to leave the hospital on Sunday, the pediatrician was extremely happy with him so we are very blessed that he was cooked and ready!!

Sweeper did do the breathing techniques with me when I was about to go under because I started to get scared and they helped a lot! But I didn't fight it like I thought I would, of course I was scared and upset but not to the extreme, I just wanted my baby out and safe!!

Thank you so much for all of your help, I actually recommended you to my chiro so you might be getting a call from him soon!!

I hope you and the family are well :)

Lachlan's Birth - June 2014

I hope you're enjoying your hols!

I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you did to help me recently. I am thrilled to let you know that Lachlan Emerson arrived safely into my arms on Wednesday 18th June after we shared a WONDERFUL labour.

I truly enjoyed the experience and can't wait to do it again!

The hypnobirthing class, private follow up and daily practice you suggested was very much with me throughout..

We are all so grateful.

Thank you again.

Emma's Story - Mothers Day May 2014

Zoriah George Keir borm 31/5/2014 natural birth hypno 6 hrs active labour happy and healthy thank you for your support xx

Hi Zoe!

Just wanted to let you know that we had our baby girl Grace Lilian on 11th May (Mother's Day!). She was 4 days before our expected delivery date and we had an amazing birth experience (Thanks to your helpful advice!) From 5am tll 8am I had a shower and did some house work between contractions! We got to the hospital at about 8.30am and I was already 7cm.

After lots of time in the shower with an exercise ball and my wonderful husband holding the handheld shower on my tummy she was born at 12.36pm. Thank you so very much for all your helpful advice, I truly believe it helped us to make better decisions and feel more in control and relaxed for our birth day.

or sure! It was definitely the way to go! I wish more people had more knowledge about natural birth! People keep asking me if it REALLY hurts or whats it like...i can only ever explain it by say it was just amazing and rewarding! The class really helped Brett to feel more confident on the day and this confidence made him the perfect birthing partner! was nice to find like minded people at the class! We couldn't have asked for a better birth! Thank you once again Danielle & Brett xx

Sam's Story - April 2014

Hi Zoe,

Just a quick email to share the news of the beautiful new addition to our family.
Felix John Virtue made his grand entrance at 1:01am on Wednesday. Another fast and furious labour but we are both settling into our new life really well.

How soon after birth do you recommend for postnatal massage? I was hoping to organise something in a couple of weeks.

Cheers, Sam.

Kylie's Story - Cyclone Ita Baby! - April 2014

Hi there Zoe!

Daniel and I would like to introduce you to Ava. She made her dramatic arrival on Friday 11th April at 2.22am after a long labour.

A week over due and a healthy 8lbs 5oz and 51cm tall.

We didnt get to stay in hospital due to the imminent cyclone so were home Friday afternoon in awe (and still glowing) that we have this tiny person now :)

Thankyou for all you support we have both greatly appreciated it.

Best Wishes from
Kylie, Dan and Ava

Yuka’s Cyclone Ita Baby! - April 2014

Hello Zoe,

How are you? I just wanted to let you know I had a baby boy on 12th of April when the cyclone Ita came.

I ended up being induced. I was so not ready when I was said I had to be induced but after 2 doctors checked me with scan and said there was not much fluid at all I had to made up my mind for the baby's sake.

Midwife put some medicine in me to soften cervix in the afternoon and I was told that I wouldn't have a baby in the day but contraction started on that night.

I didn't even know that contraction started and thought I was just having a bad stomachache. I tried hypnobirthing method to calm myself and concentrate on the baby.

The labour went so much quicker than I thought and felt it was going out of control but hypnobirthing helped a lot and it reduced my anxiety.

I would like to say thank you for your advise and lecture. Our little boy named Spencer is 60 days old today and he is growing up amazingly. Thank you again and keep in touch.


Shannon’s Story - Feb 2014

We very much enjoyed your hypnobirthing class. It gave me some great techniques to use during my labour. I had a very quick 3 hour natural labour which went smoothly. I focused on my breathing and I also did some visualization of bub making her way down.

I would recommend your course to others. I also recommend your pregnancy massages to others as I found them very relaxing and enjoyable!
Thanks Shannon”

Tanya’s Story - Jan 2014

My beautiful boy arrived a week and a half early on the 27th January 2014. His name is Zack.
I'm happy to say that I had a wonderful birth. My waters broke at 5am. I wasn't feeling any pain or surges so at 7am I got into the bath and listened to my iPod which had my hypnobirthing CD on it. At 7.30am I called the midwives at the cairns private and they advised me to come into the hospital. We arrived at 8am and at this stage I was having what felt like period pain.

The Dr came and checked how far dilated I was at around 9am. I was 7cm dilated. They took me down to the birthing suite and Zack arrived at 11.30am. The midwife advised I could only have the gas as pain relief as I was too far along. I tried the gas twice but felt it was getting in the way and much preferred to breathe through the surges by myself. During the surges I focused on my breathing and tried to ride the surge with relaxation and not fight it (if that makes sense?). I don't know if this sounds silly but I kind of looked forward to each surge as I knew it meant I was one step closer to seeing my baby.

I feel it also helped that I had only watched hypnobirthing births on you tube and the ones you showed us at the course. I had not watched any other births or have not watched those shows on tv such as 'one born every minute'. So the only mental picture I had of birth was hypnobirthing births.

They had oil burners and CD players in the birthing suites for us to use but because everything happened so quickly I didn't get a chance. During the antenatal class the midwives mentioned hypnobirthing and asked if anyone had taken a course in it. They appeared to be supportive of it.

After the birth I was talking to the midwife and we were talking about hypnobirthing. She said 'you should have told me you wanted a hypnobirth'. But I didn't really need anyone to do anything for me as I felt confident and prepared already and was doing the rest in my head during the birth such as the affirmations, breathing and relaxation.

Thank you for the skills and knowledge I took from your hypnobirthing course. I honestly feel it played a huge roll in achieving the birth I had visualized.

Thanks Tanya.

Jessica's Story - Jan 2014

We welcomed Cody into the world on the 25th January at 7.38am. He weighed 8lb 8oz and 52.5cm long.

I used the hypnobirthing meditation on a daily basis for about 6 weeks before Cody was born. I found it to be a great way to help me relax to get some much needed rest before his arrival. I went into labour at 8pm the night before he was born. As soon as my contractions started Craig had the lights turned down low and I started using my breathing. Once we arrived at the hospital and were in a birth suite I was hooked up to a foetal heart monitor which meant I needed to lie on my back - not what I wanted at all! We asked why it was needed and apparently they like to listen to the heart for about 20 mins when you first arrive.

After this time I was able to move around as I wished and it was time for a change of shifts for the midwives - thank goodness because the midwife we then got was amazing! We gave her our birth plan and she was very respectful in following it. We had the lights turned down low and some relaxation music playing in the background. Craig was helping me to remember to use my breathing through my contractions and I was focusing on not clenching my hands! Cody was in the posterior position which, naturally, gave me a lot of lower back pain. My cervix was swollen because I started to push and I needed to use my breathing for 2 hours to prevent myself from pushing and to ensure my cervix did not swell any further.

I tried twice to get in the tub and it was amazing but both times it slowed my contractions down so I had to get out. During the transition stage I was squeezing Craig's hands - even though the goal was to keep my hands relaxed! My mum was in the room with us and commented after on how quiet I was during the whole process - I mostly used deep noises as I was pushing and trying to breathe down. After a lot of pushing Cody was finally born!

I also used the guided meditation quite a few times after Cody was born once we got home as there were many times that I felt so overwhelmed with being a mum that I needed it to help me relax.

I found the hypnobirthing course very helpful and I'm glad we did it. I feel that it will be even more helpful next time around as we will have a little bit more of an idea of what to expect - here's hoping. It obviously wasn't that bad or I wouldn't be talking of a second already!!

I hope I haven't put too much detail into this email! I have attached the feedback form and a pic of our new little family. Thank you very much for running your classes, it is definitely something I would recommend to others!

Alison’s Story - Dec 2013

I found the techniques I learnt in the mindful mamma classes helped me to stay focused & able to make important decisions while I was in the second stage of labour. Using the counting & breathing techniques gave me the focus to be able to negotiate with the doctor, an extra hour of pushing to try & get my little girl out naturally as I had planned.

The breathing techniques especially helped coping with the intense contractions towards the end of my labour. I found that I stayed quite relaxed & was able to converse with the midwife for majority of my labour.

I will definitely do it all again (minus the Caesarian of course).

Alison :)

Meg's Story - Nov 2013

The hypnobirthing course was absolutely fantastic in helping to prepare me for the birth of our son. In particular I used the techniques I learned on our hour long drive to the hospital.

was quite worried about this part of the labour but using the techniques meant we arrived at the hospital relaxed and ready for the next part of our labour.

Hope all is well with you :)


Lisa's Story - Nov 2013

We really enjoyed our day with you too. It helped us heaps! Ross said it really helped inform him of how to help keep me relaxed and calm. I just felt so incredibly relaxed and at peace with everything after our day, it was amazing!

I have been practicing the breathing and visualization, also listening to the cd now and then, its great. I didn't think it was over priced for what we got, I'm glad we had the one on one, I feel it allowed us to relax all the more and feel more comfortable voicing our questions and comments.

Ashe-Leigh’s Story - Nov 2013

We are all well, just trying to pack some weight onto my bubba :-). I used the hypnobirthing cd a lot in my pregnancy to help relax. I was usually so relaxed I fell asleep!

Unfortunately the birth was quite traumatic. We were in a car accident on the Thursday afternoon and began contracting shortly after. On Friday afternoon they induced me. That was when I began using the hypnobirthing. I used the first track and the visualizations to help me get through each contraction.

On Saturday morning (6:30am) they broke my waters as Sarah was in distress after continuous contractions for 36 hours. I had to wait until my husband brought the labour bag up before I could use my hypnobirthing again and by the time he did (7am) they had decided she was in too much distress and needed to come out now! I was only 2cm dilated, so they asked to do an emergency Caesar. After the car accident I was too scared to wait and see, I knew this wasn't a normal labour. I told them to go ahead. At 8 am they checked me again, 3cm, so they rushed me to theatre.

On the way I began to have an intense need to push through contractions and when they sat me up to do the spinal I REALLY began to push! When they rolled me over to insert the catheter they realist that in the space of around 30 min I had gone from 3cm to 10cm and her head was right there! So I pushed her out and avoided the Caesar. Sarah Jayne was born at 9:02 am on 23/11/13 2.440kg, 46cm long with a head circumference of 36cm

Now I use the hypnobirthing music to help me relax during breastfeeding. It works really well and was especially helpful in hospital.

So that's my story :-)


Romneya’s Story - Sept 2013

Hi Zoe,
I keep meaning to email you, find it hard to find the time with a baby.
We loved your class and left feeling great and excited about birth.
I ended up being 15 days "late" and had high blood pressure so ended up being induced which I really didn't want.
I did 12 hours of labour drug free, 9 of which were established, then ended up having an emergency c section.
If I do say so myself, I did amazing, no screaming, yelling or stressing just lots of calm, quite deep breathing.

I feel ripped off that I didn't get to push him out but I feel like I'll do amazing next time.
Thank you so much for your class, it really made the first part of my sons birth a great memory and gives me confidence i can achieve a VBAC for my next birth.


Jayde’s Story - Feb 2013

Hi Zoe!

I have been meaning to message you for quite some time... My husband Tony and I completed your 4 week hypnobirthing course in February this year in preparation for the birth of our 3rd baby.
Our little boy Fletcher was born on the 7th July, and it was quite an amazing experience!!
Thanks in large part, I believe, to the skills I learned at your hypnobirthing sessions, I remained so calm and relaxed during labour that I really don't think I appreciated how far advanced I was... As a result, we left it way to late to head to hospital and Fletcher was birthed in our Motel Room (less than 10 minutes after my waters broke) with only myself, Tony and 2 wonderful ambulance officers present!! He was born in perfect health, and is an amazing, happy and relaxed little man.

It was an incredible experience, not at all scary or stressful... Compared to my two previous hospital births, it just felt so natural, and my body really took over and just did what it had to do. I can not imagine now having done it any other way, and find myself wondering why I never considered a planned home birth!

So that's our story (or at least a very brief version of it)! It's fairly unusual, so I just wanted to share it with you and let you know that you helped us achieve an amazing Hypnobirth!

Thank you!
Jayde xx”

Jen's Story - June 2013 – Townsville

Hi Zoe,
Mick and I had a lovely little boy called archer on the 13th June.
the Mindful Mamma skills came in really handy for a very smooth water birth, total of 3.5hours labour. I was actually meditating just before my waters broke,then went straight to 2 min contractions with 1 min break in between!

Mick was a great coach and our midwife had lots of experience with hypnobirthing in Scotland so she was fantastic as well.
Thanks again for sharing Mindful Mamma with us.

Emily's Story - Jan 2013

It was great to meet you we thoroughly enjoyed Sunday and got lots out of it. I’ve been practicing daily and will continue to do so, Paul is reading some of the scripts for me too. We’ll further develop my special place and will do for bub to turn. I was especially pleased that Paul kinda ‘got it’ a bit more than what he may have pre the session. I’d shared info with him that I’d read and I’ve sensed a degree of scepticism which seems to have faded. It was also the first time he’s ever really gone into a guided relaxation before. For me that’s pretty big and I can hear more of an ease in his voice. I think you explaining the science part of the mind before lunch benefited him, not that he’s mentioned it. I guess it gives reason so it doesn’t appear so wishy washy.

To create an anchor, I’m guessing we do this whilst in deep relaxation so it sticks, is that right?

Had a session with Julie yesterday so I’ll stick with the Moxi, visualisations and inversions. What will be will be at the end of the day, although my preference is definitely natural and I’m excited about having a natural birth with the new skills we have.

I loved the simplicity of the express session. I took great comfort knowing that we/I only need to focus on one breathing technique and a couple of deep relaxation techniques. It feels really simple and boosts my confidence.

I’ll be sure to let you know our birthing outcome.


Meg's Story - Jan 2013

We have a beautiful little baby boy “William Robert Douglas Emmons” born 30th of January at 10:50 pm he was 9 pound 11 ounces (4.4 kg) and 56 cm long. Megan was fantastic she managed the birth so well I am so proud of her, and thank you very much for your course it help us both take control of the birth process very well.

The mid wives were so good and the Budrim Private Hospital staff were very helpful to our needs all in all it was a very pleasant experience, and because it was a natural birth with no intervention Megan was up and about the next day and able to manage very well.

Thank you so much again.

Shane, Megs, Ruby and Will.”

Laura’s Story - Feb 2013

Little Indiana Skye was born on the 7th after just 6 hours roughly of being in labor with no pain killers/ vaginal examinations what so ever, breathing techniques helped me relax as well as a hot shower & birthing pool which we used at home before going to the hospital, bub was born only 20 minutes after we reached the hospital.

Thank you so much Zoe,
Feel free to use my story as a testimony as without the breathing that was used with hypnobirthing & mindful mamma classes I truly believe the labor and birth would've been a whole different story.

Michelle’s story - Jan 2013

Hi Zoe,
wanted to let you know we had our beautiful baby boy last Saturday 19/1/2013 @ 8:40am. He was born 3.85kgs and 52 cms long, naturally with no pain relief or interventions and I was very happy with my labour!
My contractions started spontaneously on the 18th of January at around 7:30pm with minor backache, I took some panadol and put on my MindfulMama CD and relaxed to try and get some sleep. At around midnight my contractions were getting stronger and more intense and I had to start breathing through each wave. Being able to actively slow down my breathing, using the count back from 5 technique, having Aaran talk to me about my favourite place during each wave really allowed me to get my head in the zone.

I stayed relaxed through each contraction really visualising my body softening and opening allowing my son to be born. I didn't end up with the water birth I had intended, due to the complication with my daughters birth but in the end I didn't mind. I ended up spending time during my labour, changing positions and using gravity to help move him down. Thank you so much. The Mindful Mama course really helped me to achieve everything I wanted from my birthing experience and helped me bring my son into the world calmly and naturally. He is such a happy, settled little man and a much loved addition to our family.

Thank you again Michelle.

Mia's Story – Jan 2013

Hi Zoe

I endured 36 hours of labour using only your techniques, however ran out of energy as was only 3cm dilated after all that. I had a mild spinal block put in and was fully dilated after another 8 hours but when I tried to get bubs out she was facing sideways and even on my hands and knees she wouldn't budge. I was rushed to surgery and had the bub at 5 am yesterday. The class truly made a difference and I don't look back at the whole experience as traumatic or dis empowering.

I was able to stay cool and rationally the whole time and make the right decisions without freaking out. And keep it going when we got to the theatre as well. Highly recommended for anyone going through a C section also. It was a long two days and not the outcome I had aimed for, but I did it all with no fear and your techniques were amazing. Tiala is adorable and we are both on the road to recovery Thanks again as it made a world of difference to what could have been a worse experience :-)”

Kerrie's Story - Nov 2012

Hypnobirthing. It sounds airy fairy when you first hear it but I have come to learn it really isn’t. Todd and I finished our classes yesterday and although slightly uncertain at first, we walked away feeling revived and excited about the birth, and I would say it even bought us closer together as a couple. So what actually is hypnobirthing? Well for me, essentially it is a tool to help our bodies do exactly what they were intended to. It is a way of letting go of our overthinking minds and reengaging nature to take over. Through relaxation, guided imagery and an exploration of the concepts of natural birth we are encouraged to do just that – learn to let go. Todd has always said that he struggles with guided relaxation. If someone was to ask him to imagine walking on a beach his mind would go anywhere except to the said beautiful beach, but after he was so deeply relaxed that he fell asleep twice in one session he has embraced the concepts with open arms. For me, regular yoga makes slipping into deep relaxation a welcomed practice. Our instructor has an interactive way of teaching, and we were lucky enough to have one-on-one classes, which felt as though the learning was tailored to our needs. Todd found he was really involved and learnt practical ways to help me through birth. Our confidence in each other to be able to navigate our way through the path of labour is increased, but it is easy to see how the practice will be beneficial in life not just in birth. It’s hard to describe exactly what we learnt.

It solidified everything I have been reading and learning along the way. I liken it to another form of training like martial arts. It is linked to similar concepts of the power of the mind and energy and using your mind to control your body which is probably why it resonates with me so clearly. We were shown ways to demonstrate the physicality of the power of your mind but I think the best way to describe it is we were shown again how to believe. Now I sound airy-fairy, but it is hard to describe these concepts without using words like believe, power and engaging. During ‘homework’ sessions we were encouraged to explore our fears surrounding not only birth and labour, but parenting or finances or the future, anything that came up. The point wasn’t to work through each problem in the session – it is not counseling, but it was to become aware of some of our own tigers that lurk beneath – fears waiting to raise their head. We talked about our fears and gained a better insight into each other, in the session we were encouraged through deep relaxation to let them go. What better way to prepare for our new family?

Victoria's Story - June 2012

Victoria was a very good girl and surprised us all with her early arrival. She arrived four days before being full term. I am happy to say that HypnoBirthing actually works. I am so excited about the whole concept of HypnoBirthing now. I must say I was a bit skeptical about it at first but now a real believer that if you really put your mind to something it will happen for you. Labour was spontaneous. Contractions came on mid Wednesday afternoon on the 30th of May about 3pm and decided to go to birth suite for a check-up just to see how things were progressing. I was so relaxed I wasn't really sure what I was feeling as I wasn't in pain just felt extreme tightening in the abdomen. Midwife checked me upon arrival.

I was 3cm dilated and contracting 5 minutes apart. There was shock on midwife’s face as I was still smiling and talking through the contractions as if they weren’t there. She let Brett and I off to have dinner in town as I was feeling fine and wanted to walk. But she advised we had to stay close to the hospital. Brett and I were laughing throughout dinner on the Esplanade as we found it absurd we were dining out during labour. Pressure got intense after dinner so we went back to hospital at around 6.30pm then measured 6 cm dilated upon arrival. I had some gas between 7 to 8pm. My membranes ruptured during that time while listening to Marie Mongan’s affirmations. I had gotten slightly flustered with the midwife because she was holding me off from wanting to bear down when she measured I was 8cm after 8pm. I felt a strong urge to breathe baby down after having a warm shower I returned to the bed but midwife was still holding me back from bearing down so I asked her to get me the pethidine if I wasn't allowed to birth baby, so soon as she left the room to prepare the injection I got on my hands and knees on the bed and began to bear down while listening to Marie Mongan’s affirmations.

I said to Brett "SHE'S COMING" and Brett laughed thinking I was joking and said sarcastically "Yeah something is coming" then stepped back and yelled "Oh my God there's a head". He rushed out into the corridor to get the midwife she rushed into the room just in time to catch baby as her body was sliding out. Victoria was born at 9pm. Birth breathing was amazing. I didn’t feel any pain at all while birthing baby. I felt so relaxed and calm and wasn’t afraid that Brett and I were left alone in the room and we were about to deliver our own baby. However Brett freaked a little when he saw baby’s head emerging as I hadn’t warned him that I was breathing baby down. I was so relaxed and zoned out to the affirmations when the midwife left the room. I listened to my own body and it all worked out just as I had planned. I didn’t have any tearing. Recovery was amazing. I didn’t feel I had just given birth. Everyone was amazed at how I was coping immediately after delivery.

Keep up the good work Zoe. What you teach is amazing. Love Marnie.”

Sebastians Birth - May 2012

My Husband and I became interested in Hypnobirthing after I heard, for once, a positive birthing story told to me by a new mother. Women seem to have the need to tell each other the most horrific birthing stories as if they take pleasure in trying to scare expectant mothers. I started to look into Hypnobirthing and was comforted to learn that Birthing is of course meant to be a natural process not a medical one. Fear that is associated with labour is not justified and often creates a lot of problems.

During the birth of our son my Husband and I used our Hypnobirthing techniques (which is really just relaxing through the uterine contractions) and were able to avoid any medical intervention until my cervix was fully dilated and the head was showing. My Husband was an amazing birthing partner, his prompts and guidance kept me focused throughout the birth and I am so grateful that I learnt about Hypnobirthing and had a fearless and natural birth. Zoe was a fantastic Hypnobirthing practitioner, her respect and insight into natural birthing is amazing and she filled us with such confidence that this was something we could do and that my body was designed to do.

Nate’s Birth - Oct 2011

Hypnobirthing was such a positive experience for me. I have recently just had my first baby and initially was terrified and very anxious at the thought of giving birth. Hypnobirthing gave me a sense of power and made me feel like i had some control over my experience and outcome.

During the labor my breathing gave me something to focus on and was a very effective pain relief technique. I had a beautiful baby boy and was able to do it naturally with only a little gas. I had a fantastic recovery. I was out exercising a week later and feeling great.

Megan's Story - August 2011

Hi Zoe just wanted to let you know we’ve had a baby boy. He was born on his due date 18 august 6 minutes past midnight. Wonderful labour with no pain relief and only 30 minutes at the base before he arrived.

Thanks for all the wonderful massages and class, it all had an important part to play,

Lee's Story - August 2011

On 14 August, my waters broke at home about 3.45am, and I had some mild contractions at home for about 45mins. When making our way in the car into the hospital after 4.30am, my contractions went from 5 minutes to 3 minutes and increased in intensity! By the time I was in a room at the private hospital and examined sometime about 5.30am, to everyone’s surprise I was 9 cm’s dilated and the baby was on its way! After a quick trip to the birthing suite, BJ was born about an hour and half later at 7.45am. I used relaxation/visualisation tools between contractions and used the time to rest and conserve energy. Later the midwives remarked that I was “one chilled out mumma” during the delivery and were surprised of how far along I was when I got the hospital as I was “not behaving like other mothers to be in the transition period.

They also remarked that I had a high pain threshold. Looking back now, I realised that the “Braxton hicks” or cramps I was having overnight in the preceding days before my labour were actually pre-labour pains. I had used the relaxation techniques to deal with them and go back to sleep! I do think that the Mindful Mamma course was helpful for preparation for and during labour. It also was helpful that the midwife during my delivery was from the UK and her accent matched that on the CD! Lucky for that as I didn’t get a chance to even put the CD on as everything happened in such a hurry. Happy to chat further about my experience and hope to catch up at the workshop on the 22 Oct.
Cheers, Lee.